Pomace Oil Blend (with Sunflower Oil)

A blend of pomace oil and sunflower preserving its nutritional characteristics whilst allowing it to be suitable for cooking.


Blend of vegetable oils (51% Olive Pomace Oil an 49% Refined Sunflower Oil)/

Nutritional Information

Energy – KJ 3367/kcal 819

Fats – 91g

of which

               saturates – 12g

               mono-unsaturates – 47g

               polyunsaturates – 32g

Carbohydrate – 0g

of which

Sugars – 0g

Protein – 0g

Salt – 0g

Product Information

Type Units/Case Unit Size Pallet Qty Weight/Case (Kgs) Volume/Case (Cbm) Product Shelf Life


4 5 Litres 60 Cases 20.40 0.025 30 months


Inner Barcode:  5060727640021

Outer Barcode:  15060727640028