The Casa De Campo canned range consists of the finest procurement of vegetables packed tightly.

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Dive into the world of Casa De Campo oils, specially-sourced direct from the farms and suppliers that meet our ethos and morale.

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Enjoy the smooth rich roast gold blend of Casa De Campo Coffee made from Columbian coffee beans.

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Sourced from Spain, try our Blossom Honey with its delicate natural flavour, or enjoy our so called Black Forrest Honey for its rich and luxurious taste. 

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Casa De Campo

Casa De Campo is a place where family meals are produced and eaten at the farm. We at Casa De Campo aim to bring the same quality products specially-sourced from farms and suppliers that match this ethos. 

Our olive oil is sourced from Spain and has a characteristically nuttier flavour. Our tinned tomatoes bring Italian Roma tomatoes to your dinner table whilst our coffee is made from rich and smooth Columbian coffee beans. From the selection of ingredients to the packaging- every stage is overseen by experts.